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VOCATE, Theatre in Education (Going Public) and SOW are all elements of The Gate Trust Ltd.





VOCATE is the Vocational Development Centre of the Gate Trust, it is part of Going Public developed to provide a diverse suite of programmes and services which develop individuals. There are opportunities for internships, mentoring, volunteering, training, accredited learning and more.

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Going Public Theatre in Education team provides PSHE resources for young people, schools and youth groups covering issues in the personal, social, health & economic education (PSHE) curriculum. Their work covers topics such as self-worth, sex and relationships, alcohol, identity and mental health.






Sound of Wales (SOW) is a collective of musicians based in Wales and are dedicated to bringing the good news of the gospel to the nations.











At The Gateway Fund, we are passionate about artists having a chance to perform, whatever the genre; be it music/theatre/dance/comedy/classes, we want to provide individuals with a sustainable platform to present their art form. That being said, we recognise that many do not have the financial backing to cover all the costs of performances, nor potentially the means to effectively market an event.

The Gateway Fund pilot program eliminates financial risk by offering loans which, if not recouped by ticket sales, are written off, while also providing participants with access to The Gate’s performance spaces, knowledge of best practice and social network!

Getting in touchIf you are, or know of someone who is an artist/performer in the UK who is interested in taking their passion to the next level, feel free to contact us:


Twitter: @TheGatewayFund



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