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Cardiff Art Gallery at The Gate

The Gate Gallery is an integral part of The Gate Arts Centre, we love to be able to fill our walls with pieces created by local artists, giving them a chance to expose themselves and their work.  At The Gate we have a number of visitors such as our local community, our students and range of customers that enjoy the regular activities and gigs we have to offer at The Gate.

As a Community Arts Centre we want to be able to promote and help local artists thrive as much as we can, therefore we pride ourselves in offering an affordable and accessible gallery space as well as only taking 25% commission on any sales.

Our Gallery space has room for roughly 40 – 80 pieces of art (dependent on size). The space consists of a unique corridor opposite the original brick work of our 125 year old building, as well as the newly renovated “The Pulpit” Café Bar. “The Pulpit” is home to our students during the day time and a range of Café Bar nights throughout the evenings.

At The Gate we coordinate a selection of Exhibitions from Singular Artist Exhibits, to Collaborative Exhibits as well as Call Out Exhibits, all of which offer use of “The Pulpit” Café Bar for an exhibition opening where artists can share their work and ideas with friends and family.

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