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The Classical Education Forum – Moral and Political Philosophy: An Introduction

The Classical Education Forum presents a range of courses to the general public in South East Wales. It is a completely independent organisation and is the ‘brainchild’ of an ex-lecturer at Cardiff University. The Education Forum started in 2009 and we are now entering our fifth year. The courses offered by the Education Forum are ‘classics’ in the widest possible way and include courses from Art History to Ancient Languages; from Ancient History and Archaeology to Philosophy and from History to the History of Dance.

The Classical Education Forum is really ‘a university in the community’ and encourages students from all walks of life, backgrounds, abilities, age etc. The lecturers are all ex- university lecturers, or experts in their field or PhD students. As well as courses on what may be termed ‘classics’; we have Day Schools on weekdays or Saturdays, Museum and Art Gallery escorted trips and guided excursions to historical sites.

The Education Forum has introduced many people to the Classical World through a range of courses of varying lengths and generally no previous knowledge is expected but if students wish to study the subject more deeply, then a reading list and further study ideas are optional. Our Art History courses are very popular and aim to introduce students to artists, the context of paintings and engaging with art for greater appreciation. The Education Forum has a large number of students studying Latin and Ancient Greek at varying levels and this year will be introducing Biblical Hebrew. Assessment is optional but our first group of students all gained’ A’ or ‘A*’ at Level 1. Archaeology is studied in the classical context and also the archaeology of the more modern world from the industrial perspective. For those students who wish their minds to be stretched or who wish to reflect upon ideas and possibilities then our Philosophy classes in the Education Forum are becoming increasingly popular. The Education Forum provides courses on different periods of History and also historical topics in depth: our ever popular Monday morning British History group will be examining the nineteenth century during the next academic year.

The Classical Education Forum also has a very successful tutoring service (Liz Mayor Tutoring Services) providing tuition in a wide variety of humanities subjects from GCSE to AS/A level and undergraduate to PhDs. Tuition is offered on a ‘one-to-one’ basis or in small groups at competitive prices helping young people to study and to properly prepare for examinations. A thesis and proof-reading service is also offered by the Education Forum.

We are delighted to be launching our ‘Tuesday at The Gate’ courses beginning on 17th September. The Classical Education Forum is very excited to be part of this very excellent arts venue.

Liz Mayor (Head of The Classical Education Forum)


Moral and Political Philosophy: An Introduction - Lewis Evans 

The Education Forum

What makes an action right or wrong? Are moral values subjective or objective? Can the same thing be morally right for one culture and wrong for another? Wat legitimacy does the state have? How do we justify freedom, equality and democracy as ideals? In this course we will consider these and other questions, taking into account the thoughts of important philosophers of the past as well as contemporary responses. No previous knowledge is assumed.

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