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Regular Giving

Give regularly and become a ‘Friend of the Gate’
By giving regularly we are able to plan ahead and build on work already done. In becoming a Friend of the Gate you help many thousands of people not only enjoy and experience the arts but also receive key training and support.

Some examples of how far your giving can go are here – if you’d like to specify a particular area you’d like to support please get in touch.

£10 per month allows us to invite another volunteer to join a placement who may have been stopped by something as simple as the busfare!

£20 per month allows us to give a vital training course for unemployed people

£30 per month allows us to fund a class for an entire term

£50 per month allows us to buy much needed equipment and develop events and activities at The Gate to move us ever closer to becoming an international quality level venue.

£85 per month makes the giver a Patron of the Arts – please talk to us about how you’d like you funding used.


Request a paper standing order form: info@thegate.org.uk or call 029 2048 3344 or click below:

Set up a direct debit with JustGiving

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