A Brush With Jazz
19th September – 25th October 2019
Launch: 19th September 6pm -9pm

After 15 years as the resident drummer with The Gate Jazz Café, a combination of minor ailments forced Keith to retire. Julian Martin who directs the monthly Jazz Cafe jam sessions suggested Keith continue his involvement by illustrating the sessions in paintings.

Keith was immediately excited by this but also somewhat daunted as Keith hadn’t painted seriously for over 45 years.
The 50 or so oil paintings are the result of 12 months sketching and photographing the musicians during the jam sessions and comprise individual portraits and group compositions whilst also attempting to capture the atmosphere therein.

Daniel James Parker
Solo Exhibition

1st November – 7th December 2019
Launch – 31st October 6pm – 9pm

The work of Daniel James Parker explores the boundaries of abstraction and figuration taking influence from the Welsh landscape, music and the human body. Using both traditional and unconventional materials, images are formed over a lengthy contemplative process that ultimately makes them ambiguous in their subject matter. Through colour, gesture and mark making, these works explore synaesthesia, which is the intermingling of the five senses, such as the relationship of a particular colour or mark to a sound, smell or taste. Featuring work made over a six-year period, this solo exhibition brings together mixed media paintings and drawings that are primal and elemental, whilst retaining a sensitivity that creates space for both thought and feeling. Daniel James Parker studied Foundation Art and Design at the University of South Wales, graduating in 2014 and BA Hons Design for Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, graduating in 2017. He is currently working as a scenic artist for the theatre.